Fullbody render of the CQC variant.

“Predecessor to current MJOLNIR/C variant; less rigid design allows for field upgrades”
— Description of the CQC helmet[1]

The Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor/CQC variant, or Close Quarters Combat armor, is a variant of the Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor, compatible with the Mark IV as well as the Mark V.


Helmet Info Price Unlock Rank Requirements
CQC Base
CQC base Entered Service in 2548; standard equipment for boarding actions and MOUT. N/A Starter None
Helmet 2 2 For operations in hazard zones. 750 cR Starter CQC BASE
CQC HUL Up-armored varient with hardened uplink module for MILINT acquisition. 1500 cR Corporal ReachRank2 CQC BASE & CBRN


Vanity 634277007093678387

CQC Armor with Mark V[B] Chest.

Entering service in 2548, the CQC was the predecessor to the Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor/C variant, or "CQB." However, its design is less rigid, making field upgrades easier. The CQC helmet is standard equipment for missions involving close-quarters combat, including boarding actions and urban operations. The CQC variant also includes an "Assault/CQC" chest carriage configuration, which contains two large storage pouches attached to the armor's chest plate, which is now the Assault/Commando Chest Piece.[2][3]

The helmet has two available upgrades, one with the CBRN breathing tubes for hazard zones, and an up-armoured (UA) Variant with a Hardened Uplink (HUL) .[3]




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