“Entered service in 2535; the Mjolnir/AA variant is exclusive to Army airborne units.”
Halo: Reach Armory description of the AA helmet.[1]

The Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor/AA variant or Air Assault is a variant of the Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor first manufactured by Ushuaia Armory.[2]

Operational HistoryEdit

It was first introduced for the Mark IV line of armor in 2535 following testing at the Siófok Firing Range and again in 2551 for the Mark V. The AA variant was originally developed for the UNSC Army's airborne division and incorporates specialized optics along with a head's-up display capable of showing real-time satellite imagery and other information useful for operating in an airborne scenario. Ushuaia's considerable involvement in the UNSC Marine Corps' BDU is the reason the AA variant shares similarities with ODST battle armor.[2][3] The helmet was used by Kat-B320.

After Reach and Ushuaia was destroyed, the designs were given over to Naphtali Contractor Corporation.[4] It was used by ONI security forces during the Battle of Earth. The GEN2 variant of this was made after the Human-Covenant War ended[5] and tested in the Buffalo Breaker Yards and in Mindoro, Cascade.[4]


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Halo: ReachEdit

It is available to players upon reaching the rank of Warrant Officer in Halo: Reach at the cost of 15,000 cR. To purchase the Air Assault set in its entirety would cost a player a total of 27,500 cR.

There are three variants of the Air Assault helmet: BASE (primary), UA/CNM (secondary) and FC-I (tertiary) as with all helmets in Halo: Reach. Each helmet has respective prerequisites although players must buy each helmet in a succession before the next can be purchased.

Helmet Info Price Unlock Rank Requirements
AirAssault-Base Entered service in 2535; the Mjolnir/AA variant is exclusive to Army airborne units. 15,000 cR Warrant Officer ReachRank7 None
AirAssault-UACNM Up-armored variant with command network module. 7,500 cR Warrant Officer ReachRank7 AA BASE
AirAssault-FC-I Command network module-improved; external hardened uplink. A favorite of Pathfinder units.
5,000 cR
Warrant Officer ReachRank7 AA BASE & UA/CNM

Halo 4 Edit

In late 2552, as the Covenant lay siege to humanity's home system, ONI security personnel were deployed with AIR ASSAULT-class armor. The goal was simple: prevent the enemy from gaining control of the skyhook defense complexes that line the suborbital planes of both Earth and Luna.

Basic Air Assault armor is unlocked at SR-11 while the VERG armor skin is unlocked through mastering all Vehicle commendations.


  • Kat-B320 wears a modified variant of the FC-I Air Assault helmet, without the accessory visor attached but the combination hardened uplink/command network module is still attached to the side.




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