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H2A Cutscene MjolnirPowerSupply

A wrapped-up MJOLNIR Power Supply Control Unit cued to be destroyed.

“Let's not even talk about the power supply...”
Master Gunns, reviewing damaged components of John-117's Mk. V.

The Mjolnir Power Supply Control Unit is a component of the Mark V Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor.[1]


The PSCU is integrated into the miniature fusion reactor located on the back on the Mjolnir. It provides power distribution to the suit's functions and can be overloaded when too much power is allocated to one function or all functions for long periods of time. An example would be overcharging the shields, getting them drained, and then recharging them over a sustained period, or overloading the suit's servomotors such as fighting the overwhelming Flood.



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