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Missionary ships are vessels employed by the Covenant Ministry of Tranquility to explore the fringes of Covenant-controlled space.[1]


Crewed primarily by Grunts and Jackals, they are often sent out to search for Forerunner relics. Kig-Yar privateers with their own ships are often employed for the task.

The only known Missionary Ship mentioned thus far is the Minor Transgression, which was captained by Shipmistress Chur'R-Yar and made first contact with humanity. It was destroyed during a battle with Sergeants Johnson and Byrne by the Shipmistress, Chur'R-Yar, in an attempt to kill Sgt. Johnson.

The Minor Transgression was described as being shaped like a fishhook, with many segmented compartments and barbed antennae spanning from the prow to the stern engine. The ship had an umbilical that the crew used to board enemy vessels.

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