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The Ministry of Tranquility is a Covenant organization whose function is the acquisition and study of Forerunner artifacts, as well as exploring the borders of Covenant-controlled space. They are known for keeping an extensive library of Forerunner glyphs. The Minister San'Shyuum employ Huragok for use as librarians. They also pay Kig-Yar Shipmasters commissions for their work.[1]

The Ministry of Tranquility commissions a large and sizable fleet of missionary ships, such as the Minor Transgression, to search the outer edges of Covenant territory for Forerunner relics. It is the only Ministry that employs Unggoy; Unggoy Deacons are assigned to affiliate on Kig-Yar missionary ships to ensure that the piratical creatures obey Ministry laws and regulations, a task at which they rarely succeed.[2]

Notably, the Prophet of Regret was formerly the Vice Minister of Tranquility before ascending to the position of Hierarch.


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