The Minister of Concert was a San'Shyuum who lead the Ministry of Concert.


In 2462 according to the UNSC Military Calendar, a junior staffer found evidence that a group of Kig-Yar Shipmasters had poisoned infusions, recreational narcotics used by the Unggoy, which would have left the Unggoy sterile. The junior staffer believed that this was radical vigilantism over the Unggoy displacing Kig-Yar from their nests, causing a spike in Kig-Yar infant mortality. Although the junior staffer recommended imprisonment, Concert, not wanting to inflame the Kig-Yar's autonomous urges, simply fined the Shipmasters and put them back to work once their vessels proved safe. The junior lodged a formal complaint over the decision, but Concert and the senior staffers simply believed that the Unggoy would soon recup their losses, and gave the junior a veiled threat to keep quiet.[1]

What Concert failed to realize that this incident was the last of many small grievances for the Unggoy, culminating in the Unggoy Rebellion. Because Concert had failed to act when possible, the High Council dismissed the Prophet[1] and appointed a new Minister of Concert, who would go on to be the High Prophet of Tolerance,[2] while the junior staffer would be appointed Minister of Fortitude, and later ascend as the High Prophet of Truth.[1]



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