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A Minister is the head of a Covenant ministry. Since San'Shyuum are the only species entitled to hold civilian government positions, the rank is held exclusively by Prophets. Each of the separate Covenant Ministries is headed by its own Minister, with Vice-Minister serving as second-in-command. Examples of this are the Minister of Fortitude and the Vice-Minister of Tranquility. The differences between the equipment provided to different Minister's include the Minister of Fortitude having a gravity throne with a cushion, and probably more features that are not described, whilst the Vice-Minister of Tranquility had a throne that was equipped only with a hard metal seat. The power and comfort of these thrones are a reflection of rank. Lower ranking Prophets were forced to group together, combining the power of their chairs, while full Ministers and higher had thrones capable of individual transport.[1]

Ministers have private offices, situated on top of large towers, with room for only one. This was used to send a message to members of the Covenant that "there was only room for one at the top." The Light of Sanghelios serve as this office's guards.

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