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Mike Spenser was a Department of Colonial Security agent,[1] working for the Office of Naval Intelligence during and after the Human-Covenant war.


Specializing in espionnage and the Sangheili, Spenser was stationed on the formor colony-world Reynes for two years, which was subjected to glassing during the Human-Covenant war. His age is unknown, but he is in his fifties by 2553. He conducted his spying from a station located in the planet's mining facilities. He was alone as far as humans were concerned, however several Kig-Yar would often come to scavenge and to trade information with him. According to Spenser, an Unggoy would also come once a week to clean.

He was picked up by captain Serin Osman in January 2553. He was transferred to the UNSC Monte Cassino and brought back to HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6 for debriefing.