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The Microsoft Sam Easter Egg is an Easter egg which can be found on the Halo 3 level, Covenant. It must be done on Normal or higher difficulty and the player must start from the beginning of the level.


Halo 3 Tricks Episode 75 *Microsoft Sam In Campaign*03:45

Halo 3 Tricks Episode 75 *Microsoft Sam In Campaign*

After you have defeated the Scarabs, obtain a Hornet or a Banshee and fly to the right ledge of the Citadel. Walk straight till the end of the edge, reaching a wall. It takes about 2 – 3 minutes for you to hear Microsoft Sam commenting on the game and its developers.


Sam: "OMG (Oh My God) this game needs more guitar wank. Am I right?"

Sam: "Happy Easter Marty."

Sam: "I am a monument to all Marty's sins lololol."

Sam: "J and C Paul, you are so totally fired."


  • On the left ledge of the Citadel, there is a song called Siege of Madrigal.
  • Microsoft Sam is a built in computer voice narrator in Windows XP and Windows 2000 text-to-speech function, both built by Microsoft, along with Microsoft Mike, Mary, and the Robosoft voices.
  • Microsoft Sam's third line is a reference to a line said by Gravemind in a cutscene from Halo 2.