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Campaign Quotes Edit

  • "Hey, where's the fight at?"
    -Beginning of Kizingo Boulevard, to a squad of Marines retreating from a Wraith.
  • "Sure! As long as I get to drive the tank!"
    -In response to an order given in Kizingo Boulevard.
  • "If anybody's gonna blow this place, it's gonna be me!" -When Dutch and Mickey are told to destroy the ONI Alpha Site.
  • "Let him go tell his buddies the bad news."
  • "I'm gonna rip out your heart and show it to your dying eyes!"
  • "Dutch, you dumbass, get in the Pelican!" - When you stall to get into the Pelican on ONI Alpha Site.
  • "Fast, silent, deadly." -When you assassinate an enemy.
  • "My vote, hold up, wait for backup."
  • "Look, if you wanna do this, be my guest. But this ain't a job you wanna drop..." - To Dutch when setting explosives at the ONI Alpha site.

Situational Responses Edit

  • "I killed him in the face!" -When scoring a headshot.
  • "Right between the eyes!" -When scoring a headshot.
  • "Bullet, meet head. Head, meet bullet." -When scoring a headshot.
  • "Enjoy the extra nose hole!" -When scoring a headshot.
  • "That's a stain that won't go away!" -When landing a plasma grenade throw.
  • "What now, little aliens?" -After killing a Brute Captain.
  • "Zing!" -When scoring a headshot.
  • "You guys must be the Covenant B-team" -When scoring a multi-kill.
  • "Get stuck, BEEATCH!" -When sticking an enemy.
  • "Not good." -When stuck or betraying a teammate.
  • "Don't kill me!" -When stuck.
  • "That was a massacre! No, a slaughter! It was a massacre slaughter kill!" -When you get a double kill on ONI Alpha Site. (same line from Halo 3)
  • "Maybe we could talk this out" -When stuck.
  • "Oh goddammit-" -When stuck.
  • "Your mama never loved ya and she dresses you funny." -IWHBYD skull may be needed.
  • "It's the gift that keeps giving!" -When multiple enemies are killed with an explosive.
  • "Is that all you bloody got?" -IWHBYD possibly needed.
  • "Sorry, buddy." -When pausing to look at a dead Grunt.
  • "You will cease to exist very soon!" - When throwing a grenade.
  • "I'm about to end your life!"
  • "I saw my life flash before me. It sucked."
  • "Hey! I thought we were friends." - When attacked by the player.
  • "That hurt! ...and my feelings, too." - When attacked by the player.
  • "Watch it, Benedict Arnold!" - Rare, IWHBYD possibly needed. When attacked by player.
  • "I... loved him!" - When the player kills a fellow ally.
  • "I throw like a girl!" - When throwing a grenade. (rare)
  • "I know, I have beautiful eyes, right?" - Rare, IWHBYD possibly needed. When the player stares at Mickey closely for a while.
  • "How did you ever get off your planet?" - When killing multiple enemies in a row.

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