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  • Heyo! It's Aya.

    Lately things have seemed a little empty around here. No one to talk to, and no one has read any of my posts as far as I know. I know that sounds like a blogger desperate for people to read his/her blog, but I feel like people forgot. And I like talking to you guys, it gives me something to do with friends/Critiques. Even if you guys have contradictions on what I have to say, I still like to talk things out. And that gives me an idea on what you guys want me to do for future blogs.

    I hope you guys haven't forgotten about me. Please let me know if you haven't.

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    • Hi, I've just ran across your blog and found it pretty interesting. I'll be keeping an eye out. :)

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    • Cool. I'm aiming to please because I really don't know how a blog is supposed to work. So if there is anything you want to see or want me to talk about please let me know. And I am open to any and all opinions you have so please feel free to share them when ever you like. No matter what it is.

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    • I'll keep that in mind, thanks!

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