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The McFarlane Toys Series 6 is a series of action figures made by McFarlane Toys. This series is stands out from the others as it comes with medals such as Laser Kill, and Beat Down.



ODST-Rookie Packaging
Halo3s6 rookie photo 02 dp

The Rookie action figure.

The The Rookie Action Figure is based on the main protagonist, Rookie, from Halo 3: ODST. It is six inches tall and features removable shoulder armor. It is the second ODST figure made by McFarlane. This figure includes a M7S Caseless Submachine Gun and a Halo 3: ODST medal. The M7S uses the older design with the stock collapsed. The figure features 24 points of articulation.

The Rookie's armor color is Pantone 418C. This led to the original prototype appearing too green, and required that the paint application be adjusted. Additionally, the sculpt is confirmed to have a defect. Upon removal from the box, the Rookie's hands may fall off, due to the different joint used on the hand. This was later corrected. The new version has a white stripe on the helmet and a white chestplate, along with a darker visor, hands that don't fall off, and slightly higher durability. The armor is still somewhat green though, and the camouflage patterns are still greenish.

It is worth 20 Halo Points.

Halo3s6 shipmaster photo 02 dp

The Rtas 'Vadum Action Figure.

H3-Halfjaw Package

Rtas 'VadumEdit

The Rtas 'Vadum Action Figure is a model of the Elite Shipmaster from Halo 2 and 3. It is 6 inches tall and includes an Energy Sword, a Plasma Grenade, and a Sword Spree medal.

Originally, Joyride Studios considered making an action figure of Rtas 'Vadum, but later believed it was pointless to make an Elite with a different paint job. He is accidentally called Rtas 'Vadumee on the package, despite the fact that he removed this suffix from his name after seceding from the Covenant, as did all of the Sangheili. The Energy Sword appears to have a more violet color, as opposed to the bluish color in the games.

H3-Brute Captain Pack

Brute BodyguardEdit

The Brute Bodyguard Action Figure is based on the Brute Bodyguards from Halo 3: ODST.

It is six inches tall and comes with a Brute Shot and Spike Grenade, and features 28 points of articulation. The figure's Spike Grenade was noted for having a thin handle, making it potentially fragile.[1]

H3-Red Grunt pack


The Grunt (Red) Action Figure came in the form of the Major Grunts in Halo 3. It is six inches tall, and comes armed with a Plasma Pistol, a Plasma Rifle(despite the fact that Unggoy never use Plasma Rifles in any Halo game), a Plasma Grenade, and a Double Kill Medal. It also features 22 points of articulation. The breathing apparatus can be removed from the face of the Grunt, displaying sharp teeth.

It is worth 15 Halo Points.

Halo3s6 floodstalker photo 02 dp

The Flood Stalker Action Figure.

H3-Stalker Pack

Flood Stalker FormEdit

The Pure Form Stalker Action Figure is based on the Pure Forms from Halo 3. It is six inches tall and has 24 points of articulation. The arm joints of the figure are weak, causing it to break easily.[2] It includes an Incineration Medal, likely because this form is highly vulnerable to fire.

It is worth 30 Halo Points.



The Gold Assault Elite Action Figure.

Elite AssaultEdit

The Elite Assault only comes in one color; gold, with brown detail coloring. It is six inches tall, and like all other McFarlane figures, has removable helmet, chest, and shoulder armor that can be used to customize figures. It includes two Spike Rifles and a Killing Spree Medal.

It is worth 10 Halo Points.

H3-Orange CQB pack

The Orange CQB Action Figure.

Spartan CQBEdit

The Spartan CQB action figure comes in an orange color and stands six inches tall. It comes with a Shotgun and Bulltrue medal, and features 26 points of articulation.

It has white detail coloring and is worth 10 Halo Points.

Spartan EVAEdit

The Spartan EVA action figures come in two colors, each standing six inches tall. The teal version comes with two Plasma Rifles and a Killjoy medal, while the blue version comes with a Rocket launcher and Overkill Medal.

  • The teal version has white detail coloring and is an exclusive to Fred Meyer.
  • The blue version has yellow detail coloring and is an exclusive to Walmart.

Each are worth 10 Halo Points.

H3-Green Hayabusa pack

The Sage Hayabusa Action Figure.

Spartan HayabusaEdit

The Spartan Hayabusa action figure comes in a sage color with white detail coloring. It is six inches tall and comes with a Fuel Rod Gun and a Triple Kill Medal, and features 26 points of articulation. It is an exclusive to Amazon and international retailers.

It is worth 10 Halo Points.

Spartan ReconEdit

The Spartan Recon action figures come in two colors. There are two variants: a white variant and a steel variant. The have 26 points of articulation. Both are six inches tall and are worth 10 Halo Points each.

The white Recon figure has multiple errors in its design, including shoddy painting and fragile limbs. The dual magnums have pegs on the same side; if they were both to be holstered on the figure, one of the weapons would be backwards. Additionally, the magnums are not scaled to fit in the hands of the figure.[3]