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McFarlane Toys is bringing Halo fans a second series of unique collectibles: Halo Xbox Live Avatars. This new series introduces new Halo Avatars from all the Halo games. Plus, there is also now a new avatar vehicle. Each avatar figure comes disassembled and randomly packaged in a new, small Halo-themed "blind" foil bag. Avatars will be released in stores in February 2013.

Halo Avatars Series 2Edit

EVA Helmet & Legendary Tee ShirtEdit

CP. Halo EVA Avatar

The Tee-Shirt and Blue EVA Helmet from Halo 3 avatar.

CP. Halo EVA Avatar 2

The back side of the EVA avatar.


CP. Emile Avatar

The Emile avatar from Halo Reach.

CP. Emile Avatar 2

The back side of Emile.

Anniversary Helmet and Tee ShirtEdit

CP. Mk. VI Helmet Avatar

The Mark VI Anniversary Helmet and Anniversary T-shirt.

CP. Mk. VI Helmet Avatar 2

The back side of the Anniversary Avatar.

Blue JFO Helmet & Noble Team T-ShirtEdit

CP. JFO Avatar

The JFO Helmet and Noble Team shirt.

CP. JFO Avatar 2

The back side of the JFO Helmet.

Brute CostumeEdit

CP. Brute Avatar

The Brute avatar costume.

CP. Brute Avatar 2

The back side of the Brute costume.


CP. Banshee Avatar

The Banshee avatar prop.

CP. Banshee Avatar 2

The side of the Banshee prop.

Red Spartan Mark VIEdit

CP. Red Mark VI avatar

The Red Spartan Mark VI avatar.

CP. Red Mark VI avatar 2

The back side of the Red Mark VI.

Metallic Gold ODSTEdit

CP. Gold ODST Avatar

The Gold ODST avatar.

CP. Gold ODST Avatar 2

The back side of the Gold ODST avatar.

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