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“You two are my hostages. Sit tight, or you're gonna end up like these old buddies of mine.”
— Marshall Glick to Sadie and Mike

Marshall Glick was a rogue ex-cop who had previously worked for the New Mombasa Police Department. According to the NMPD, he had anger management problems. He appeared in Sadie's Story.

During the Battle of Mombasa, Glick took the opportunity to return to the NMPD and take revenge on those that he considered to have wronged him, including Roberto Bustamente and Jim Odingo. Glick took Mike Branley and Sadie Endesha hostage in the lobby of the NMPD HQ. Glick admitted to them that he killed the officers, rationalizing his actions with the knowledge that they were "all screwed anyway." The ex-cop was then attacked by SWAT officers, gunning down a few, but then being hit by a flash-bang grenade, prompting him to yell, "Ow! My eyes, you sons of bitches!" He was then shot dead. The SWAT team then said they would "clear up [this] mess."

The NMPD public service announcer Stephen later lied to the public about the shooting, and touted Glick, Roberto, and Jim, as heroes who were gunned down by Covenant snipers, who were in turn killed by civilians.