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Star, position

Sol, IV


  • Phobos
  • Deimos


6,792 km

Length of day

24 hours, 39 minutes and 35 seconds

Length of year

687 days


0.376 g







Techology tier

Tier 3

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Mars, known to Forerunners as "Edom",[1] is the fourth planet in the Sol System, after Earth, but before Jupiter.


Mars was once part of the Forerunner Empire 100,000 years ago, when it was known as Edom. The planet was mostly inhabited with Miner-class Forerunners. Bornstellar Makes Eternal Lasting was sent there by his Builder family to "learn discipline".

Interplanetary WarEdit

Main article: Interplanetary War

The planet was named after the Roman God of War, Mars. Mars was one of the first worlds colonized by humanity settled in 2080.[2] It has since been terraformed into a planet with near-Earth conditions, becoming home to many. Regardless, Mars was the site of a decisive battle during a period where the United Nations organization transitioned into the United Nations Space Command. The UNSC Marines routed the neo-Communist Koslovics on the planet during a series of brutal conflicts in the 2100s before moving on to destroy the Koslovic and Frieden movements throughout the solar system.

Human-Covenant WarEdit

Fleet of Furious Redemption

The Fleet of Furious Redemption above Mars.

Main article: Human-Covenant war

During the Human-Covenant War, a contingency plan was composed where Earth's and Mars' military industry facilities would be relocated once their locations were at considerable risk of being discovered. After the Fall of Reach, NAVCOM concluded that Earth's location had likely been compromised, and evacuations began.[3] Evacuations were not completed in time, and the Misriah facilities were brought into full production to resupply UNSC forces.

Once again, Mars was the site of a large scale engagement called the Battle of Mare Erythraeum, set on the fields of Mare Erythraeum. There, Colonel James Ackerson and his UNSC Defense Forces combated against the Covenant Loyalist Army, commanded by Jiralhanae Chieftain Lepidus, a battle the UNSC also lost.[4]


Known CountriesEdit

Attack 2

Photo from Forward Unto Dawn. Cadet Silva is shown reading news reports of attacks on New Harmony, Mars.

Known CitiesEdit


Misriah Armory 1

Misriah Armory.




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