Marontik was a prehistoric human city on Erde-Tyrene, built and inhabited at some point after the Human-Flood war and Human-Forerunner war. It was inhabited by hamanune and chamanune and possibly other species of humans.[1]


  • The location of Marontik is never specifically mentioned, and given the fact that the Earth was in the middle of the last Ice Age, geographical features were not the same as they would be now. Also the fact that the environment was tropical implies that it was probably somewhere near the equator.
    • Chakas often makes references to hyenas, elephants and crocodiles, implying Marontik may be in Africa, but also speaks of jaguars and saber-toothed cats, which were exclusively New World creatures. It is possible that the Librarian transplanted those creatures to other parts of the globe as she later did with the hamanune.


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