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Marcille Johnson was Avery Johnson's well-loved aunt.[1] She raised him after Johnson's parents split up when he was a child, until he joined the UNSC Marine Corps.


Johnson grew up under Marcille's care. During his childhood he was often under her influence, and as an adult her advice always followed him closely, often making him second-guess his choice to kill other humans. During the year 2524, soon after Avery's return from Operation: TREBUCHET, he found himself at The Seropian, the retirement home his Aunt resided in. When he arrived at her room, he found it to be ice-cold, with her body starkly laid out on her bed, frozen and dead. He learned that she had died three days earlier and that she had not been moved due to an over-flux of work. He angrily left the complex, but her influence on him continued throughout his entire life. She was apparently an Evangelical Promessic, a sub-variant of Evangelism.[2]


  • She enjoyed the occasional Mint Julep before her condition worsened.
  • She also smoked heavily, one cigarette every hour of her day.



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