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The MLX is a civilian vehicle.[2] It is a luxury sportscar which seats two.[3] This vehicle is a standard chassis suspended on two independent suspension axles while the engine is likely housed in the front. It appears to be a futuristic version of the modern day sports car with its two-door system and small frame, built for speed and style.

It is not usable in-game without mods, but can be destroyed with sufficient weapons fire, making it a possible hazard for units within the blast radius. As a civilian vehicle, the car is lightly armored. It only takes one M7 magazine, or a grenade blast to completely decimate the vehicle.


Like the Überchassis, the MLX is seen in the Halo 2 level Outskirts. However, it is not seen in Metropolis or any multiplayer maps, as the Überchassis is. It and the Überchassis also cannot be found in Halo 3: ODST's depiction of New Mombasa, as they were replaced in favour of the Genet.




  1. The MLX would have had to be on the market prior to 2524, as Felicia Sanderson stole one and went joyriding during that year.


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