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MJOLNIR/UA, short for up-armor, refers a variety of supplemental armor attachments and accessories compatible with the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor. Like some other MJOLNIR variants, many of the UA pieces are not exclusive to the MJOLNIR system, but are in use by regular UNSC Army or Marine troops as well. Many UA attachments are available as Armor Permutations in Halo: Reach.[1]


The various helmets available have up-armored variants, often coupled with an external helmet addition such as a HUL. The UA helmet attachments often consist of metal plates or bracers fixed near the user's forehead to give better protection in combat.



Price: 600 cR
Supplemental armor for the default Mark V chest, including additional pouches for increased storage capacity.


Main article: MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/W variant

Price: N/A [GameStop Pre-Order Bonus] Supplemental armor for the default Mark V chest combined with a grenade belt around the waist, designed to provide Spartans with the most impact across a variety of scenarios. The chest plate is made up of an additional armor plate and a grenade belt.

UA/Base Security [W]Edit

Price: 0 cR
Career Level 30. Earn the "Yes, Sensei" achievement in Halo: Reach. It is very similar to the HP/HALO chest plate, but the top of the plate is farther down.



Price: 5000 cR
A piece of supplementary wrist armor.


Price: 10,000 cR
An additional piece of armor plating for supplementary forearm protection. The Spartan Jorge-052 was known to use the BRACER attachment on both forearms.



Price: 40,000 cR
A piece of supplemental non-explosive reactive thigh armor, the NxRA armor has also seen widespread use in the UNSC Army and Marine Corps.


  • The UA/Multi-Threat appeared in the Beta as the ASSAULT/SCOUT, this version did not include a belt. Likewise the UA/Base Security [W] appeared as the MP/BASE SECURITY which also did not include a belt.



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