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A generator under attack

The MEP-PU-2550D/E Generator is an generator of UNSC origin which uses nuclear fusion to generate usable energy in the form of electricity. Both the UNSC Army and Air Force use the mobile device as a means to meet power requirements in areas where solar panels and wind turbines would be ineffective or inappropriate.[1] Generators of this type appear in War Games Firefight simulations in which Spartans are tasked with defending them from the Covenant.[2]


The generator is roughly cylindrical in shape, standing on four small, squat legs, and is slightly taller than the Wolf Spider Automated Turret. It has a glowing yellow core that will gradually shift to red as the generator takes more damage, similar to a Fusion coil. The generator is capable of going into lockdown mode that is similar to the Armor Lock ability where a metal cover slides to cover the generator's core and a yellow shield covers it. The lockdown lasts 30 seconds and the generator will make a beeping noise when the lockdown mode is about to end. After the lockdown ends, the generator must cool down for a short time before it is able to enter lockdown mode again.


  • The text "UNSC 6P ARRAY 8-K" is visible on the computer screen mounted on the generator.



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