The MA37 Individual Combat Weapon System (MA37 ICWS or MA37 Assault rifle), formally known as the Individual Combat Weapon System, Caliber 7.62 mm MA37[1] and the MA5 by the UNSC Marines and Navy, is a standard issue service rifle of the UNSC.

The MA37 was first introduced in 2437 and has remained the primary service rifle of all branches of the UNSC ever since.[1] It is an air-cooled, gas-operated, magazine-fed, fully-automatic bullpup rifle that fires from 32-round magazines of 7.62x51mm ammunition. It possesses a built-in ammunition indicator and magnetic compass for orientation, similar to that of all other MA5 series rifles. It has a high rate of fire, but due to its inaccuracy, it is highly ineffective at long ranges and inflicts low damage against energy shields.


ReachSchematic - AR

A blueprint of the MA37.

  • The MA37 lacks long-range capabilities, so it pairs well with weapons like the DMR.
  • At close range, fully-automatic fire is recommended. At longer ranges, fire in bursts to conserve ammunition and improve accuracy.

Changes from MA5C ICWS in Halo 3Edit

  • The bullet counter on the HUD decreases column by column rather than row by row like in all previous games.
  • Shorter overall length.
  • Changes that affect most UNSC weapons in Halo: Reach, such as hitscan and reticle bloom.
  • Slightly slower rate of fire (by about 100 rounds per minute).
  • Larger reticle, but bullets will always hit inside the crosshairs that are inside the reticle, making it just as accurate as the MA5C.
  • Max ammunition is decreased from 352 to 288.
  • Short, controlled bursts are more effective at range than fully-automatic fire.
  • Slightly less damage (19 rounds to kill a fully-shielded SPARTAN player, rather than 16 rounds).


  • If the player participated in the Halo: Reach beta, a unique MA37 nameplate emblem is obtainable for use in multiplayer.
  • The maximum reserve ammunition for the MA37 varies for certain campaign missions and exceeds the limit of 288 (e.g. 600 max in the level Winter Contingency).
  • Although the MA37 is the predecessor of the MA5B, on the right side of the rifle, just above the trigger mechanism, it reads "MA5C Mk. 4."
  • The shell casings of the MA37 have the word Chief written on them.
  • The MA37 is, by far, the weakest in-game Assault rifle. The MA5B kills a SPARTAN in 15 rounds, the MA5C kills with 16 rounds, but the MA37 kills with 19 rounds total.
  • The east and west orientations on the ammo counter compass are reversed compared to the compass in the players HUD (east on left, west on right).



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