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The M45D Tactical Shotgun is a UNSC shotgun.


An upgrade from the previous M45 and M90 models, the M45D fires M296 SC 8-gauge magnum shells[2] with a magnetorheological dampening system to reduce recoil, making it more comfortable to use in the battlefield. Although significantly more technologically improved than its predecessors, the M45D lacks a smart-link controllable choke.[1]



  • It is capable of killing an enemy Spartan in one shot in close range.
  • Its one-shot kill range is longer than the Scattershot's.


  • The Shotgun is useless beyond its one-shot-kill range due to its large spread.
  • The Shotgun has a slow reload speed.

Changes from Halo 4 to Halo 5: GuardiansEdit

  • Capacity reduced from 6 rounds to 5.
  • Now gains a functioning flashlight on the shotgun pump.
  • Gains the ability to smart-scope. When smart-scoped, spread is reduced.




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