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Were you looking for Halo 2: Anniversary's M274-M Gungoose?
The new “Gungoose” is the result of an M290 Mongoose quad bike fitted with twin grenade launchers. A passenger can be accommodated on the rear-facing seat, providing ample offense on this snake-killer’s nose and tail.
— Official description, Canon Fodder[2]

The M290-M All-Terrain Vehicle, also known as the Gungoose, is UNSC vehicle, which serves as a post-war replacement for the outdated M274-M Gungoose. It is essentially an M290 Mongoose but with twin grenade launchers fitted to the front.

Changes from the M274-M GungooseEdit

  • Use twin grenade launchers instead of the twin M67 LAWs.
  • A weak spot has been added; an air intake on the Gungoose's hood.


  • Any variant of the Gungoose provides infinite fragmentation grenades for the passenger, allowing for easy earning of the Pineapple Express medal, however might lead to easy betrayals if grenades are not carefully thrown.