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The M247H Heavy Machine Gun, formally known as the Machine Gun, Caliber 12.7x99mm, or M247H is a heavy weapons used extensively by the United Nations Space Command ground forces.[4] It is a variant of the widely used M247 General Purpose Machine Gun and is very effective against infantry.

Design detailsEdit

The M247H is an air-cooled, gas-operated, electrically fired, linkless-fed weapon. It can be used in both anti-personnel and anti-vehicle roles.[4] It is most often seen mounted on stationary tripods and used as a defensive weapon, but can also be carried by those strong enough to efficiently operate it. An M247H is mounted on either side of most UH-144 Falcons.

Like many other support weapons used by the UNSC, the M247H is fitted with a metal shield near the rear of its barrel to protect the user. Some versions, including the one mounted on the UH-144 Falcon, lack this feature.


  • It has a faster fire rate but less damage than its Halo 3 counterpart, the AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun.
  • Chief Warrant Officer Jorge-052, a SPARTAN-II commando, utilized this weapon throughout the Human-Covenant war. His customized M247H, named Etilka,[5] lacked a shield plate, which was replaced by a heat cover over the barrel as well as a few other small differences.
  • The M247H is erroneously labeled as the AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun in game stats.[6]
  • It is prone to overheating in Halo: Reach and Halo 4 unless it is removed from its mount, which somehow enables it to fire without overheating until all ammunition is expended. This is possibly a balancing reason, however.
  • If a player listens to it firing, it makes exactly the same sound as the AIE-486H HMG when firing, even with the sound of the gun spooling up.
  • The weapon is described to use 7.62mm rounds, however, the game manual describes it to fire 12.7mm rounds and text on the weapon's ammunition box in-game reads "12mm HVE." A 12.7mm caliber would be more logical given its designation as a heavy machine gun, rather than 7.62mm which would make it a medium machine gun.
  • Along with the above points, the weapon seems far too large and bulky to fire the 7.62mm round. Also in the Halo 4: Essential Visual Guide it states that the machine gun is a 12.7mm, not a 7.62mm.
  • The ejection port for the gun is on the left side but in-game, when fired, the spent cartridges exit through the right side above the ammo box.
  • The AIE-486H HMG doesn't overheat while the M247H does. This may be due to the fact that the AIE-486H has a design similar to the Gatling Gun; its three barreled design allows it to fire rounds continuously without the user having to worry about overheating as much.
  • Unggoy can use this weapon which can be easily seen on Lone Wolf and Firefight. Unggoy can also be seen doing this on the Halo 4 level Composer when you have to use the Mantis as well as in Spartan Ops.




  1. Fire rate acquired by timing with a stopwatch to the nearest millisecond. Mathematics used: Number of rounds fired (N) divided by the time required to fire those rounds (T) multiplied by 60 = rounds per minute. Example: N / T * 60 = RPM