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Rabbit ready and raring to go!
— Jackrabbit driver

The M121 Light Strike Vehicle[1], also known as the Jackrabbit, is a United Nations Space Command ground vehicle.


The Jackrabbit is a fast-moving scout vehicle that can detect cloaked units and is able to de-capture.[2]

  • Resources: 220
  • Minimum Tech Level: 0
  • Population Count: 2
  • Power: 15


  • Mini-frag launcher - Weaponizes the Jackrabbit by giving it a grenade launcher for some form of defense.[2]
    • Resources: 0
    • Minimum Tech Level: 1
    • Power: 200
  • Support Drone - Spawns a support drone that follows the Jackrabbit around. The drone will heal the Jackrabbit and increase its line of sight.
    • Resources: 0
    • Minimum Tech Level: 2
    • Power: 400