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“Hard-ass grunts.”
Staff Sergeant Avery J. Johnson describing M-EDF 9/21/1

M-EDF 9/21/1,[1] or 9th Marine Expeditionary Force, 21st Division, 1st Battalion, was a part of the 9th UNSC Marine Corps Expeditionary Force assigned to the Eridanus system.

In 2513,[1] it was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Ponder, and had an operation at Elysium City, Eridanus II. M-EDF 9/21/1 was ordered by FLEETCOM to neutralize the second-in-command to the Insurrectionist leader, Colonel Robert Watts. Against FLEETCOM's insistence on a show of force, Ponder attempted to personally speak to family members of the second-in-command, when a M-EDF 9/21/1 sharpshooter took a hasty shot, completely collapsing the situation. As a result, Ponder was demoted to the rank of Captain and reassigned from M-EDF 9/21/1.


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