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Lulu Hershey was a human doctor and a member of the UNSC Medical Corps.[1] She was a crewman on the UNSC Spirit of Fire in 2531, where she served as the ship's nurse.[2] She had a fiancé waiting for her at home, and enjoyed talking to Serina on the night shift.

Lulu never made it home due to the Spirit of Fire losing it's slipspace drive too help destabilise the shield world's star; thus causing it to go super nova and destroy the flood infested shieldworld, along with its Forerunner battleships.

They were then left drifting in space suspended in cyro-sleep for decades until they would eventually reach the UNSC. Lulu is assumed dead, and listed as MIA as with all others aboard the Spirit Of Fire.


  • Her doctor teacher was Kay.[1] She was assigned to him before she joined the crew of the Spirit of Fire.


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