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The Lower the Guns Campaign is a campaign being undertaken by machinima directors as well as ordinary fans and players. Their goal is to convince Bungie to allow Halo 3's Cease-fire trick to function on Xbox Live. Their most notable protest took place on September 25, 2008, when supporters of the campaign refrained from playing Halo 3 for the day.


Lower the Guns' group was founded on 7/06/2008 by BoldDoughnut and Jayfng2.[1]

Biggest Group on Bungie.netEdit

On 10/28/2008, Lower the Guns became the biggest group on at 4888 members. Before this date, the biggest group was Compound Intelligence, which was founded by the Forum Ninja x Foman 123 x back when Iris was starting.

Around 7/12/2009, they "lost the lead" to another group on known as The Spartan I Project.[2]

Operation HOWLEdit

As far back as October 23, 2008,[3] "Phase 2" of the group's operations was planned. "Phase 2" took the form of Operation HOWL (Halo Online Weapon Lowering), a plan to have at least ten thousand gamers protest by refusing to play Halo 3 on Bungie Day 2009.

On the day before Bungie Day 2009, a reminder[4] was posted. However, due to confusion among Lower the Guns' own members and its supporting groups, in combination with the popularity of the "Bungie vs. World" playlist, the Operation HOWL protest failed to reach its target, with only an estimated 1,000 protesters taking action on that date.[citation needed]

Since the failure of Operation HOWL, the Lower The Guns group decided that the cause was simply not something that Bungie would enable in a game.[citation needed] Because of this, the post "The End of a Era" was posted on the group's page alerting members that the group is no longer a viable option. The group's founder, BoldDoughnut, stated a new website would be created as the follow up (as stated in LTG's original plans) to the group. This website known as Machinination, is the remnants of the Lower The Guns group. No further official action will ever occur from the Lower The Guns group.




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