Longsword 91-002 was the tail number of a GA-TL1 Longsword-class Interceptor of the UNSC Air Force. It was part of the 37th Tactical Fighter Wing under the Air Combat Command.[6]

Operational HistoryEdit

During the UNSC's exploration of an unidentified Halo Array, this Longsword was severely damaged by unknown forces, which led to the rear section of the aircraft exploding. The craft crashed on a beach near a Forerunner weather station, scattering debris into the shallow water. It appears to have been resting there for a long time, considering the vegetation growing on it, as well as the rust and wear visible on the fuselage.[6]


  • The numbers 7-89 can be seen on this Longsword, which were also visible on Longswords in Halo 3.
  • This particular Longsword seems to be much smaller than the usual model used by the UNSC Navy. This can be seen by comparing it to vehicles on the map.
    • The reason for it being so small may be due to pieces of the ship were destroyed when it was shot down and pieces drifting in the ocean nearby.




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