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“A mix of Slayer and other Free For All games. Here, you must stand on your own.”
— In-game description for Halo 3's ranked Lone Wolf playlist
Were you looking for the Halo: Reach level Lone Wolf?


Lone Wolves is a Ranked free-for-all playlist in Halo 3. It is the Ranked counterpart of Rumble Pit, which is a Social free-for-all playlist. Lone Wolves matches contain six players.

Players typically advance in level by consistently placing in the top three and drop in level by placing in the bottom three. However, several other factors also affect this, including comparison of the player's level compared to the others in the game, what specific place the player came in (1st place will level a player up faster than 3rd), and their Kill/Death spread (for slayer games). Originally the games had five players, but was soon increased to six. On September 16, 2008 Lone Wolves player count increased from six players to eight players. In the February 2009 Matchmaking Update, Lone Wolves was reduced back down to 6 players, as 8 players on a small map like Epitaph would deem players' K/D spread as low.

There are many achievements that can only be achieved on Ranked FFA playlists, such as Two for One and Killing Frenzy. Lone Wolves, as well as Mythic Brawl, Living Dead, and MLG FFA are all ranked FFA playlists.

Maps Played In Lone WolvesEdit

Note: All maps have an equal chance of being selected.

  • Construct
  • Epitaph
  • Epilogue - Epitaph with shield doors removed and weapon layout tweaked.
  • Guardian
  • High Ground
  • Isolation
  • Snowbound FFA - Snowbound variant tweaked for Free-for-all play.
  • Boundless - Snowbound variant with some shield doors removed. Ghost replaced with Mongoose. Spartan Laser replaced with Beam Rifle. Active Camo replaced with Overshield.
  • The Pit
  • Pit Stop - The Pit variant with inaccessible spawn hives.
  • Swat Pit - Pit Stop variant with no weapons on the map.
  • Foundry - Not required. Part of the Heroic map pack.
  • Anvil - Foundry variant for asymmetrical gameplay.
  • Blackout - Not required. Part of the Legendary map pack.
  • Citadel - Available on the Halo 3: Mythic disk (not required)
  • Heretic - Available on the Halo 3: Mythic disk (not required)

Gametypes Played In Lone WolvesEdit

  • Slayer (38.7%) - First player to 25 kills wins. 10 minute match time limit.
  • Slayer BRs (28.0%) - First player to 25 kills wins. Players spawn with Battle Rifles and Assault Rifle secondary weapons. 10 minute match time limit.
  • Swords (4.0%) - First player to 25 kills wins. Players spawn with Energy Swords and no secondary weapon. Player traits: Infinite ammo, cannot pick up weapons or drive/ride in vehicles. 10 minute match time limit.
  • Oddball (19.3%) - Hold the skull to earn points. First player to 50 points wins. 10 minute match time limit.
  • Crazy King (10.0%) - Stand in the hill to earn points. First player to 100 points wins. Hill traits: Moves to a random location every 30 seconds. 10 minute match time limit.

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