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This is the last Campaign level of Halo: Reach. It takes place in Aszod ship breaking yards, where decommissioned ships' hulls are dumped and forgotten about.

There'll be another time...Edit

If I go down, I'm taking all of you with me. This is pretty much the easiest part of the campaign, besides Noble Actual. This mission is essentially firefight with a campaign backdrop. As such, you can rack up credits quite easily if you formulate a strategy and survive for a prolonged period of time (since enemies give you credits in campaign). The best way to do this is do grab multiple anti-personnel weapons (located throughout the map) and a drop shield. It is recommended that you take some form of instant shield draining weapon and a weapon with which you can get a headshot, as this will allow you to kill elites relatively quickly and efficiently, allowing you to gain maximum credits before death. The drop shield is useful as it allows you to reclaim health, and it temporarily keeps enemy bullets away while you do so. so It is pretty fun if you want to fight hordes of enemies and die an extremely awesome death. Or you could just suicide. Either way, it finishes the level.