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Earth was the home to many corporations and housed many, many industrial or commercial/administrative offices. These are all of them listed by location on Earth.


Company Facility Location(s)
Global Water Campaign Voi Municipal Water Pump House 03, Voi
Vyrant Telecom Vyrant Telecom Tower, New Mombasa
Traxus Heavy Industries Traxus Factory Complex 09, Voi
Nomolos Refining New Mombasa
Optican New Mombasa
Weapon System Technologies New Mombasa
Mainz Träger New Mombasa
EnerGuide New Mombasa
Makura Body New Mombasa
African Trust New Mombasa
Hotel Zanzibar Old Mombasa
AMG Transport Dynamics
  • New Mombasa
  • Nairobi
Company Facility Location(s)
Oh2-Hnzu Old Mombasa
HiNOS New Mombasa
Jotun Heavy Industries New Mombasa
Sinoviet Heavy Machinery New Mombasa
Voi Theater Old Mombasa
Mtangulizi Kampuni New Mombasa
New Mombasa Uplift New Mombasa
Lethbridge Industrial New Mombasa
Hannibal Weapon Systems New Mombasa
Franchbot Industries[note 1] New Mombasa
Cimaroon Old Mombasa
Arney Antics New Mombasa
Kinz X Old Mombasa

North AmericaEdit

Company Facility Location(s)
Naphtali Contractor Corporation Abilene
Severe Tire Damage Greater Chicago Industrial Zone
Sharfie's Greater Chicago Industrial Zone
Waterfront Hotel New York
Dog and Pony Greater Chicago Industrial Zone
Fueder Construction Salem
Gut Check Greater Chicago Industrial Zone
Rebound Greater Chicago Industrial Zone
Apollonian Temple Casino New Jersey
Company Facility Location(s)
AMG Transport Dynamics
  • Greater Chicago Industrial Zone
  • Essex Junction
Pammy's Kentucky
McFarlane's Kentucky
Kavetti's Bergen County, New Jersey
Hot 'n' Cold Boston
Margaret's House of Bees (In 2004) San Francisco
Jerry's Diner Unknown
Crystal Security Unknown
Black Taxi Unknown


Company Facility Location(s)
AMG Transport Dynamics Chiba, Japan


Company Facility Location(s)
AMG Transport Dynamics Pelion, Hellenic Republic



  1. In Halo 2: Anniversary, Tterrab Industries was replaced with Franchbot Industries in Metropolis. A Fodder article states that the Anniversary version of graphics as the canonical version, meaning that Tterrab's appearance in Metropolis is not valid and Franchbot is.

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