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The following is a list of known bugs found in Halo: Reach prior to its release.

List of BugsEdit


The ambient AI for the porcupine model was unable to function in the game, so was removed from the game altogether. It had been decided earlier that only content was to be removed to solve bugs unless specifically necessary due to time constraints.[1]


Like the porcupine, the squirrel model was also removed from the game after it failed to function.[2]

Bug 14579 - SPARTAN genderEdit

When a Spartan player under the "Female" gender option would suffer the effects of her shields being down, her AI player model would suddenly be replaced with the "Male" option.[2]

Bug 42748 - Custom vehicle specificationsEdit

Like earlier games, Halo: Reach custom games have the option to select specific vehicles to use. When playing on Sword Base with "Mongooses only" being selected, the map's cameras would turn into Mongooses and hang on the wall. This was due to the cameras being in the "vehicles" folder of the game.[2]

Bug 42844 - KatEdit

The AI of Catherine-B320 would respond to constant bumping in an order of phrases that Bungie deemed too "suggestive."[1]

Bug 52719 - CreditsEdit

After the campaign is cleared, selecting the "credits" option on the menu to replay the credits will cause the "results" menu to appear after skipping the video. This could potentially grant players extra points.[1]

Bug 55893 - AI modelEdit

The player model for Elite players was the location of a bug. ZBR engineers discovered that rotating the player model would not move the legs, which would remain in their original position.[2]


  • To test the game, employees are required to play for numerous hours performing tasks any normal player would perform - such as bumping into other AI. They would then re-perform the test in the same conditions another two times to confirm if it is a bug and not a general error.[notes 1]


  1. "Bug" portions of the Bungie Weekly Updates refer to "Repro rate" when discussing bugs, suggesting that they tried to reproduce the results.


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