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Mega Blok Elephant

The UNSC Elephant Mega Blok set.

Mega Bloks (2nd largest building block manufacturer) has created two series of Halo toys. Here is a catalog of every set.


  • Ghost
  • Turret
  • Hornet
  • Warthog
  • Scorpion tank
  • Wolverine
  • Arctic Wolverine
  • Mongoose
  • Rocket Warthog
  • Wraith
  • Shortsword Bomber
  • Pelican dropship
  • Gremlin
  • UNSC Gausshog vs Covenant Locust
  • Prowler
  • Banshee
  • Brute Chopper
  • UNSC Falcon with Landing Pad
  • UNSC Rockethog vs Covenant Anti-Aircraft Gun
  • Phantom
  • Elephant
  • AV-22 Sparrowhawk
  • Combat Unit
  • Combat Unit II
  • Combat Unit III
  • UNSC Spartan-II (Green)
  • UNSC Spartan-II (Red)
  • UNSC Spartan-II (Limited Edition)
  • UNSC Spartan-II (Yellow)
  • UNSC Spartan-II (Blue)
  • ODST (old)
  • UNSC Flame Marine
  • Halo Series 1 Hero Pack
  • Halo Collector's Case
  • Covenant Combat Unit
  • UNSC Troop Transport
  • UNSC Hornet Attack
  • UNSC Active camouflage Spartan
  • Halo Series 2 Hero Pack
  • Covenant Weapons Pack
  • UNSC Red Weapons Pack
  • Arctic Combat Unit
  • Battle Unit II
  • EVA Spartan
  • Green Spartan - Red Team
  • UNSC Flame Marine
  • Halo Collector's Case II
  • Crimson Combat Elite
  • UNSC Silver CQB
  • UNSC Silver Combat Unit
  • Covenant Assault Unit
  • ODST (new)
  • ODST Heavy Weapons Specialist
  • ODST Close Quarters Specialist
  • ODST Sniper
  • ODST Covenant Invasion
  • Covenant Drop Pod - Combat Elite
  • ODST Ambush
  • EVA's Last Stand
  • Covenant Weapons Pack II
  • UNSC Weapons Pack II
  • Red Covenant Combat Unit
  • UNSC Red Combat Unit
  • Halo Battlescape
  • Blue Team Weapon Pack
  • Red Team Weapon Pack
  • Blue Team Combat Unit
  • Red Combat Unit
  • Anniversary Edition UNSC Troop Pack
  • Versus: Covenant Locust Attack
  • Halo Anniversary Edition Floodgate
  • Halo Anniversary Edition UNSC Warthog
  • Versus: Assault on High Ground
  • Halo Series 4 Hero Pack
  • Covenant Shade Turret
  • UNSC Spade vs Skirmisher
  • Covenant Revenant Attack
  • Covenant Armory Pack
  • UNSC Armory Pack
  • UNSC Desert Combat Unit
  • Crimson Covenant Combat Unit
  • Halo Battlescape II
  • Flood Pod: Elite Combat Form
  • Covenant Drop Pod: Elite Ultra
  • Covenant Drop Pod: Elite Zealot

Halo UniverseEdit

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