This is a list of cinematic cutscenes in Halo Wars.

Cutscene Cutscene Title Description Duration Video Link
Halo Wars - Cinematic 1 (720p)03:18

Halo Wars - Cinematic 1 (720p)

Alpha Base - Intro Captain Cutter reflects on the events that bring Spirit of Fire to Harvest. Sergeant Forge reports that the Covenant are still on the planet surface. 03:17
Halo Wars - Cinematic 2 (720p)02:25

Halo Wars - Cinematic 2 (720p)

Relic Approach - Labcoats Meet Metal Sergeant Forge makes a startling discovery while Professor Anders prepares to go down to the surface of the planet. Meanwhile, the Arbiter is ordered to destroy the Forerunner installation. 02:24
Halo Wars - Cinematic 3 (720p)01:22

Halo Wars - Cinematic 3 (720p)

Relic Interior - Safe as Houses Professor Anders and Sergeant Forge activate the Forerunner installation. 01:21
Halo Wars - Cinematic 4 (720p)02:10

Halo Wars - Cinematic 4 (720p)

Arcadia City - All it Did Was Point The information from Harvest points the crew of Spirit of Fire towards Arcadia, another UEG colony world. When Spirit of Fire arrives, the world is already under attack by the Covenant. 02:09
Halo Wars - Cinematic 5 (720p)00:44

Halo Wars - Cinematic 5 (720p)

Dome of Light - Big Dog Walking The Covenant have built a shield on the surface of Arcadia and the crew debate how to find out what they are hiding. 00:43
Halo Wars - Cinematic 6 (720p)01:33

Halo Wars - Cinematic 6 (720p)

Scarab - Walk in The Park The Arbiter is ordered to capture Professor Anders. 01:32
Halo Wars - Cinematic 7 (720p)02:50

Halo Wars - Cinematic 7 (720p)

Anders' Signal - She is Not My Girlfriend Professor Anders is kidnapped by the Covenant. Spirit of Fire pursues her kidnappers deep into enemy space. 02:49
Halo Wars - Cinematic 8 (720p)01:41

Halo Wars - Cinematic 8 (720p)

Shield World - Open Sesame Part Two Serina accidentally unlocks the secret of Shield 0459 and opens the entrance portal, dragging Spirit of Fire inside the planet. 01:40
Halo Wars - Cinematic 9 (720p)00:28

Halo Wars - Cinematic 9 (720p)

Cleansing - Descent The entrance to the Shield World closes behind Spirit of Fire while the ship descends deep into the planet. 00:27
Halo Wars - Cinematic 10 (720p)00:54

Halo Wars - Cinematic 10 (720p)

Repairs - Freefall Spirit of Fire enters the interior of the Shield World and collides with a Covenant Destroyer 00:53
Halo Wars - Cinematic 11 (720p)01:55

Halo Wars - Cinematic 11 (720p)

Beachhead - Judgement Day Professor Anders is forced to unlock the Forerunner dreadnaught ships and escapes to the surface. 01:54
Halo Wars - Cinematic 12 (720p)01:12

Halo Wars - Cinematic 12 (720p)

Reactor - I Doomed Humanity The crew decides to detonate their FTL reactor in order to stop the Covenant from using the Forerunner dreadnaughts. 01:11
Halo Wars - Cinematic 13 (720p)02:59

Halo Wars - Cinematic 13 (720p)

Escape - Monsters In a final confrontation between the Arbiter and Sergeant Forge, the reactor is damaged and one of the crew must make the ultimate sacrifice. 02:58
Halo Wars - Cinematic 14 (720p)01:22

Halo Wars - Cinematic 14 (720p)

Escape - One Less Sun in The Universe Spirit of Fire narrowly escapes from the exploding Shield World. 01:21
Halo Wars - Cinematic 15 (720p)01:00

Halo Wars - Cinematic 15 (720p)

The End Professor Anders enters cryo sleep under protest. 00:59
Halo Wars Walkthrough - Ending Credits HD09:28

Halo Wars Walkthrough - Ending Credits HD

Credits The hard-working people who brought you Halo Wars. 09:20


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