Throughout the Halo game there a number of cinematic movie clips that merge one scene from the next. These cutscenes mainly create smooth transitions from level to level. Here the player doesn't control the character but watches as in a movie. Below is a list of Halo: Combat Evolved Cutscenes that you can watch on the YouTube links:

UPDATE: As of March, 2008, courtesy of HaLo2FrEeEk from Clan Infectionist, these cutscenes are available for download in 720p High Definition, and have been re-encoded in Standard Definition as well. Both are offered in WMV and MOV flavors. For the sake of bandwidth, the files are being doled out slowly and are being distributed via a load balancing script between the 4 hosting locations. You can find these downloads here, at HBO.

Cutscene Title Duration Video link
Pillar of Autumn Intro (1)04:01

Pillar of Autumn Intro (1)

Pillar of Autumn Intro 4:01 Mythica
Cutscene sargetalk th Sarge Opening Speech (all difficulties) HBO
Cutscene Poa bridge Pillar of Autumn Bridge Scene 1:27 HBO
Cutscene-Poa final Pillar of Autumn Final 1:21 HBO
Halo intro Halo Intro 32 Seconds HBO
EnergyBridge Halo-Light Bridge 23 Seconds HBO
Halo final alt1 th Halo - Final Cutscene (Alternate 1) 18 Seconds HBO
Halo final alt2 th Halo - Final Cutscene (Alternate 2) 18 Seconds HBO
Halo Cinema Halo Final00:24

Halo Cinema Halo Final

Halo - Final Cutscene (Alternate 3) 23 Seconds YouTube
Truth and Recon - Intro Truth & Reconciliation Intro 35 Seconds HBO
Into the Belly of the Beast Truth and Recon - Into the Belly of the Beast 20 Seconds HBO
Screenshot keyesbrig Truth and Recon - Keyes in Brig 1:41 HBO
Cutscene final Truth and Recon - Final 41 Seconds HBO
Silent Cartographer - Intro Silent Cartographer - Intro 39 Seconds HBO
Screenshot maproom Silent Cartographer - Unlocking the Map Room 18 Seconds HBO
Screenshot shafted Silent Cartographer - Shafted 18 Seconds Mythica
Halo Cinema SC Activating00:20

Halo Cinema SC Activating

Activating the Silent Cartographer 19 Seconds YouTube
Halo Cinema AOTCR Intro00:34

Halo Cinema AOTCR Intro

Assault on the Control Room Intro 33 Seconds YouTube
Halo Cinema AOTCR Final02:02

Halo Cinema AOTCR Final

Assault on the Control Room - Final Cutscene 2:01 Seconds YouTube
Halo Cinema 343GS Intro00:30

Halo Cinema 343GS Intro

343 Guilty Spark - Well Enough Alone 30 Seconds YouTube
Halo Cutscene 343 Guilty Spark - Jenkins' Helmet Cam05:16

Halo Cutscene 343 Guilty Spark - Jenkins' Helmet Cam

343 Guilty Spark - The Flood 5:16 Seconds YouTube
Halo Cinema 343GS Final00:35

Halo Cinema 343GS Final

343 Guilty Spark - Final 34 Seconds YouTube
Library - Intro Library - Intro 39 Seconds Mythica
Library - Final Library - Final 1:03 Seconds Mythica
Two Betrayals - Intro Two Betrayals - Intro 3:53 Seconds Mythica
Two Betrayals - Final Two Betrayals - Final 39 Seconds Mythica
Keyes - Intro Keyes - Intro 51 Seconds Mythica
Keyes - Into the coolant Keyes - Into the coolant 8 Seconds Mythica
Keyes - Into the ship Keyes - Into the ship 6 Seconds Mythica
Keyes - Infected Keyes 43 Seconds YouTube
Keyes - Final Keyes - Final 14 Seconds HBO
Maw - Intro 1:17 Seconds YouTube
Maw - Bridge 2:06 Seconds YouTube
Maw final Maw - Final 2:34 Seconds Google
Halo legendary ending00:19

Halo legendary ending

Legendary Ending 18 Seconds YouTube
You Lose Ending You Lose Ending 18 Seconds Mythica
Final Credits Final Credits 2:56 Seconds Mythica
Trailer Title Seconds Video link
Halo E3 2000 Trailer01:40

Halo E3 2000 Trailer

Halo E3 2000 Trailer 1:39 Seconds YouTube