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The Library in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary contains information about various items in the game. A player can activate his ONI Intel Device by saying the Kinect command, "analyze." While the Intel Device is activated, a player can scan an item into his Library by saying, "scan." The ONI Intel Device is not available in classic mode or without a Kinect.

List of CommandsEdit


  • Analyze: Activate ONI Intel Device.
  • Scan: Collect Library entry for an object.
  • Stop analyzing: Disable ONI Intel Device.
  • Classic: Switch to original Halo: Combat Evolved graphics.
  • Remastered: Switch to Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary graphics.
  • Grenade / fire in the hole: Throw a grenade.
  • Reload: Reload current weapon.
  • Change weapon: Alternate inventory weapons.
  • Flashlight: Toggle flashlight.
  • Activate 3D: Activate 3D.
  • Deactivate 3D: Deactivate 3D.
  • Subtitles On: Turn Subtitles on.
  • Subtitles Off: Turn Subtitles off.
  • Brighter: Raise game brightness setting.
  • Darker: Lower game brightness setting.
  • More Contrast: Increase game contrast settings.
  • Less Contrast: Lower game contrast settings.
  • Pause game: Pause the game.
  • Resume Game: Resume the game.
  • Display Library: Display the Library.


  • Resume: Resume Terminal video playback.
  • Rewind: Rewind Terminal video.
  • Pause: Pause Terminal video.
  • Exit: Exit Terminal video.



  • The description for the Shotgun incorrectly states that the Shotgun is semi-automatic. It is actually pump-action.


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