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Liang-Dortmund[1] Corporation[2] is a human mining company.


This section requires expansion.

At some point after the war, Liang-Dortmund set up operations helping to deglass Ruthersburg.[3]

In 2556, Liang-Dortmund's aerospace division created the Alluvion Research Center on Alluvion while under contract with the UNSC. They were attempting to harness a newly discovered fuel source in the Sundark Sea. A year later, the pylons holding the sea back, turned off and the research was ended.[4]

At some point after the Human-Covenant war, Liang-Dortmund began deglassing Meridian.[1][2] In 2558, the planet of Meridian came under attack by Created forces.[2]



Liang-Dortmund helps to remove the glass on planet, such as Meridian. This is achieved by large drills,[2] and by mining rigs which can drive along glassed surfaces.[5]


Liang-Dortmund also operates its own bonded security.[6]



Liang-Dortmund operate a number of customized UNSC vehicles such as the M290 All-Terrain Vehicle,[7][8] the M290 Gungoose,[9] the M820 Main Battle Tank,[6] the M12B Force Application Vehicle, the M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle,[10] the M12G1 Light Anti-Armor Vehicle,[11] the M12R Light Anti-Aircraft Vehicle,[12] the M12 Force Application Vehicle,[13] the HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark IX Armor Defense System,[14] and the D79H-TC Pelican.[2]

Liang-Dortmund also utilises the Brahman Light Hauler for smaller aerospace cargo transportation. They also use the Arilus with a drill attachment, the SL-4 Forklift, and the Komodo Rig mostly for fuel and power transportation.[15] They have specially designed Mining Rigs to help break through the glasslands.[5]

Other EquipmentEdit

Liang-Dortmund also uses the EM-240 Neides Drill to help puncture through the glasslands.[15]




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