Shipmaster Let 'Volir is a Sangheili military leader within The Banished.[1]


During the Great Schism, Let 'Volir found himself grappling with two problems: the betrayal of the Hierarchs and the lack of any clear path forward as he had rid himself of his religion.[1] As members of the Covenant Separatists, 'Volir and his crew fought against the Covenant Loyalists.

With his carrier Enduring Conviction and a vast array of veteran fighters at his disposal, Atriox noticed this, and offered to fuel up 'Volir's carrier and supply his crew in exchange for his loyalty. This upset 'Volir, as he was accustomed to commanding the Jiralhanae during the final years of the Covenant Empire. However, seeing that this was the only viable option in the long run, he accepted reluctantly.[1]

While in the Banished military, Atriox noted him as being a powerful warrior in battle because of the vast amounts of veteran Sangheili fighters under his command.[1]

Let 'Volir's name has been forever tarnished in Sangheili society for siding with Jiralhanae, let alone working under one.[2] However, 'Volir's social dignity is not a luxury he can afford, as the well being of the Enduring Conviction and its crew are his top priority.[3]


“Yes. And the AI. We still don't know how she accessed our-”
— Let 'Volir
“How many of your men survived?!”
— Atriox
“Enough to honor our contract.”
— Let 'Volir[4]

Let 'Volir is a skilled commander, and believes that a captain should sacrifice everything just to keep his crew alive.[5] Ironically, despite believing that a captain should sacrifice everything for his crew, Let 'Volir did not go down with his ship. Enduring Conviction and the majority of it's crew was destroyed during a battle on the Ark in 2559, however enough crew members remained to honor his contract with Atriox. In contrast to his description, he is depicted as cowardly and exhibits a very timid and submissive demeanor when around Atriox.[4]



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