The Lesser Prophets are San'Shyuum representatives on the High Council of the Covenant.

While the Hierarchs are the most prominent of the San'Shyuum governors, Councilors or Lesser Prophets are extremely important in the Covenant society. They share power with the Sangheili on the High Council.[1]

They appear to be slightly higher than Sangheili High Councilors at least in military proceedings as the Prophet of Stewardship in Halo: The Flood ordered the execution by decapitation of the Sangheili High Councilor Soha 'Rolamee for failure to contain the Flood, though given that Stewardship was already disregarding Thel 'Vadamee's authority, this execution may have been illegal.[2]


  • It would appear that only San'Shyuum who are members of the High Council are referred to as "prophets." In continuation, only San'Shyuum who are seated in the High Council have used the "Prophet of" naming scheme.
  • While many Lesser Prophets are known to use gravity thrones for travel, some also wear antigravity belts.


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