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A Legion is a division of many Sangheili warriors which is usually led by a high ranking officer, such as a Zealot or an Ultra.


The responsibilities and purposes of a Legion seem to vary. They are capable of performing tasks ranging from bridge-crew on starships to ground combat.[1]

The violent nature of the Elite society likely demands that Legions should be capable of engaging in varied forms of combat.

Warrior CrècheEdit

A Warrior Crèche is likely a type of Legion where newer warriors hone their combat skills before being assigned to a regular legion. Warrior crèches seem to be specifically used for ground combat, and are carried aboard Covenant Fleets should any ground actions be needed.[2]

Known LegionsEdit

Combat LegionsEdit

Warrior CrèchesEdit

Historical ReferencesEdit

  • The term Legion was originally used to describe an infantry unit in Ancient Rome; the general size of these units fluctuated during the military history of the Roman Empire between approximately 4500 and 5200 soldiers.[3][4]

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