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Legacy is the fourth track included in the Halo 4: Original Soundtrack.


Normal VariantEdit

This section requires expansion.

Halo Waypoint VariantEdit

The first 1:11 of the song is the same as the normal variant. After this point, the main vocal becomes closer and louder. the background chorus becomes quieter. It stays this way until about 1:26 when the main vocal stops for a moment. At 1:33, she returns with one other singer, harmonizing. It stays that way until 2:03 when they stop singing and echo into the chorus. The main vocal returns at 2:12 for one final time before all vocals quickly fade out and the song ends.

Usage Edit

It can be heard during the level Requiem when the player enters the first Forerunner structure, which houses the cartographer.

A variant of the song was utilized in the Xbox 360 app variant of Halo Waypoint.

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