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An unprocessed piece of lead

Lead, symbol Pb (Latin plumbum, a lead weight), is a dense, bluish-gray metallic element that was one of the first known metals. Thousands of years since its discovery, humanity still uses the material in construction. The atomic number of lead is 82; the element is in group 14 (or IVa) of the periodic table.

Metallic lead is a soft, malleable, ductile metal, often used to make bullets. Lead is toxic when taken internally.

Because of its high density and nuclear properties, lead is used extensively as protective shielding for radioactive material.

Lead is used by the UNSC in the construction of ODST HEV drop capsules,[1] radiation lining to protect reactor engineers from lethal exposure,[2] and was used by the surviving Spartan-II's in Operation: FIRST STRIKE to reinforce a captured Spirit dropship from radiation and stress during exit from slipspace on its own.[3]


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