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Scripted QuotesEdit

  • "Better late than never." -Responding to Dutch.
  • "Just sayin' Dutch, they missed one." -In conversation with Dutch.
  • "Hello, beautiful." -Referring to Captain Veronica Dare.
  • "You gonna tell us her name, Gunny?" -To Edward Buck.
  • "What am I supposed to do with this inside a Covenant Ship?" -When given a Sniper rifle by Buck for the original mission.
  • "Wake up, buttercup" -To the Rookie after hitting him with the butt of his Sniper rifle to wake him up.
  • "I take it back. Navy got its butt kicked." -During the drop in to New Mombasa.
  • "No, I don't know what it was, but it was gonna grease your ass good. Just like it did the Captain."-Replying Buck's question about an Engineer.
  • "Negative."-Responding to Buck's question about have he heard from the rest of the team.
  • "So, we're poppin' smoke on the lady's mission? She ever tell you what she wanted?"-Reaction to Buck's decision about connecting to the Battlenet.
  • "Yeah, we're good."-Confirming are they clear or not before meeting up with Mickey and Dutch.
  • "Give it up, Gunny. Even if he ain't dead he's lost in that soup. Our comms can't cut through that." -To Buck at the beginning of NMPD HQ.
  • "Just sayin', (shrugs). I ain't dead." -Responding to Edward Buck.
  • "What about all the Covenant we sidestepped on the way up?" -To Edward Buck.
  • "Thanks for choosing a tall building, I'm really digging these stairs." To Edward Buck.
  • "You ever get tired of busting my balls?" -During a conversation with Edward Buck.
  • "That's the bridge?! You've gotta be kidding me!" -Before crossing the construction crane.
  • "Why am I not surprised?"- Respond to the approaching Covenant Phantom.
  • "Ahh, not good." -At the end of NMPD HQ where he got injured by a Brute Chieftain.
  • "Put... Put me down, put me down for a sec."-When the squad is approaching the Kikowani Station.
  • " what?"-To Buck, after his wound is filled with biofoam.
  • " gonna carry me all the way, sweetheart?"-To Buck, after listening to his plan in Kikowani Station.
  • "Sure... What's the hurry, right? I'll just sit here, bleeding through my foam..." - to Buck, if you crouch in front of him at the start of Kikowani Station.
  • "Ah! Banshees, comin' through the tunnel."-Onboard hijacked Phantom, warning everyone else they have enemies approaching.
  • "Give me an angle, I'm gonna burn it to the ground."-Requesting Mickey to give him a shot at a Huragok Recharge Station.
  • "That's right, you damn aliens. Doesn't feel so good does it?"-After destroying the recharge station mentioned above.
  • "What, you really are gonna make us walk outta this city?"-When Buck tells the team he has some bad news for them.
  • "Ah! This is the best mission ever!"-After Buck replies to the previous question with they have a Scarab blocking their exit.
  • "Ah, damn! We hit the squid jackpot!"-After entering the last tunnel, and seeing multiple recharge station.
  • "Just glad we didn't go with your first plan. Look at those tunnels. Ones that aren't flooded are probably...packed with Buggers. Hell, I wouldn't go down there even if you ordered me to."-Responding to Buck's question is he doing fine with the wound.
  • "I got it. Keep her steady."-Response to Dutch's order on destroying a Covenant Wraith in Coastal Highway.
  • "We went through hell for that?" -Onboard hijacked Phantom.
  • "Aw heck, Gunny. I wasn't talkin' about the alien." -Onboard hijacked Phantom.
  • "Clint Eastwood ain't got a patch on me!" -When getting headshots.

Firefight Quotes Edit

  • "Hiya, I'm Romeo." -After meleeing an enemy.
  • "Scoreboard." - After scoring a headshot.
  • "Grenado!" - After throwing a grenade.
  • "Die! Die! Die!" - After throwing a grenade, or Nolan North voiced AI Marine fighting an enemy.
  • "I'm on gun!" - When taking gunner seat of vehicle.
  • "I'm gonna kill you! With light!" - When shouldering the Spartan Laser.
  • "Rockets ready." - When shouldering the Rocket Launcher.
  • "Laser ready." - When shouldering the Spartan Laser.
  • "How's my driving? Call 1-800-SUCK-IT!" -When Splattering a enemy (IWHBYD needed).
  • "I'm the back door man!" - Mostly directed towards an assassination, but triggered in all melee kills.
  • "Oh, that felt SO good!" - After meleeing an enemy.

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