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A typical kiva homestead on Reach.

Kiva was a type of settlement on the human colony world of Reach. Situated in the harsh wilderness of the planet, they were arranged in small communities with the inhabitants making a living out of farming or handicrafts.[1][2]

Built mostly of concrete, kivas were utilitarian in design, but nonetheless designed to be comfortable. Most of the structures were rounded, circling a central courtyard, and often partially subterranean. Due to their remoteness, kivas were often self-sustaining, located outside power grids and powered by their own wind turbines. Visegrád had a community of kiva homesteads.[3]


  • The overall design of the kivas was likely inspired by kivas, rounded underground rooms used by Puebloan peoples for religious rituals.
  • Bungie's designers went to great lengths designing a purpose and function for each of the kivas in the level Winter Contingency.[2]




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