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“This means we're screwed, right?”
— Mickey, after seeing the flooded tracks within the station.

Kikowani Station was a train station located in the Kizingo district[1] of New Mombasa, Kenya, and a part of the New Mombasa Transit Authority MagLev Train network in the city. Accessible from Sector 0 of the city, the station was in close proximity of the city's sea wall, with the train tunnels well below sea level. The station platforms however, were situated almost on the city's street level.


Early during the Covenant invasion on the city in the Battle of Earth, a riot was taking place at this location.[2]

Later during the battle, the station's surroundings, including the train tunnels, were flooded by water, most likely due to the seawall breaking. This prevented a squad of ODSTs from escaping the city through the train tunnels leading to Old Mombasa, so they had to make their way through the Covenant-occupied area by air.[3]


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