Kevin Paul or KPaul (KP on the Bungie forums) is the content creator for When asked what that means in a recent interview Kevin replied content creator, "which means I write most of the features and news posts that you see on Along with that I am the community liaison on the front lines. I'm the guy you can expect to see on a community forums and who can be easily contacted (via private message), amongst other things."

Hired just before E3, he takes care of many of the duties that Frank O'Connor used to tackle. He was brought on to lighten Frankie's load and free him up to do all of the cool stuff that he's involved in outside the realm of As a contracted employee, he confirmed to do work at the studio for nine months. That doesn't necessarily mean he'll get all the way to nine nor does it mean that after nine months he'll be back in Connecticut.

While studying at the University of Connecticut, Kevin worked at a Deli and a Radioshack. What helped him get the job at Bungie was his long standing relationship with the Bungie community, "I was, prior to the job, familiar with all of the significant Halo communities and even had pre-established relationships with most of them. That I could ease into this position without really needing to be introduced to a large segment of the community was a major plus." He is a great Bungie asset.

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