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For the Gamma Company team, see Team Katana.


The Katana.

To correctly use the sword, one must make it an extension of one's body. This is for the understanding of those intending to be warriors.

The Katana is a special Armor Permutation in Halo 3 and is unlockable by earning 49 out of 79 achievements or 1000 gamerscore.[1]


The Katana consists of a normal Hayabusa body with a Katana sword affixed to the back, with a white attachment, possibly magnetized.[1] The sheath of the Katana is grey and the handle is a reddish brown color. The Katana does not affect gameplay when equipped.



  • The Katana closely resembles Ryu Hayabusa's Dragon Sword.
  • The hilt of the Katana will poke out through the cockpit of the Hornet or Banshee.
  • The Katana can no longer be unlocked by just earning 1000G in Halo 3. One of the only ways to unlock the Katana after the 1.2 update and 1.3 is to unlock 49 out of the 79 achievements. Unlocking 40 of the 79 achievements worth 1000G, the conclusion is that players must have 49 achievements to unlock the Katana. The Katana, as well as the Security permutations, are fabled "armor" glitches, in which they appear and disappear randomly. With the Security, a 1000 gamerscore locks it in, and for Katana, 1750 guarantees it. Since the release of the Mythic map pack, the Katana seems to unlock for those that download early (without the need for 1000 gamerscore OR 49 achievements).[citation needed]
  • McFarlane Toys produces a set titled Hayabusa Katana and Scabbard, containing an Action Figure-sized Katana and its sheath.
  • A rare glitch on Katana armor makes some people have Katana, and Security helmet unlocked before reaching 1000 Gamerpoints or 49 achievements.[citation needed]
  • The number of achievements needed to unlock the Katana (49) is a reference to 7, as 7x7=49.


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