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“It looks like the Covenant worked pretty hard to lock it down.”
— Private Kappus, before unknowingly releasing the Flood.

Kappus was a UNSC Marine technical specialist.

He was featured in Halo: Combat Evolved as part of the squad that also housed Privates Manuel Mendoza, Bisenti, Riley, Private First Class Jenkins, and Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson.


Kappus waving Fireteam Charlie through a doorway.

He was a Tech Specialist in Covenant, Forerunner, and UNSC technology. One of his tasks was opening locked doors.[1] He was ordered by Captain Jacob Keyes to open the door that just so happened to be the only thing holding back the Flood. Unwillingly and unknowingly, Kappus unleashed the Flood on Installation 04, dooming him and the rest of his squad, save for Johnson and Bisenti.[2] When Riley was attacked by an Infection Form, Kappus successfully managed to pull it off, but others soon found Riley. Kappus was one of the first to be transformed into a human Combat Form.

Private Kappus breaks into a locked door with a Spoofer.


  • In Halo: CE, his role in the game is often mistaken for that of Mendoza's due to the same character model seen in-game, but that was fixed in Halo: CEA as 343 used a different model for Kappus and Mendoza.



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