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<kaltura-widget kalturaid='301334' size='l' align= version='100001' name='Halo 3: The Covenant' summary='My favorite level in Halo 3.'/>


Name: Halo 3: The Covenant
Summary: My favorite level in Halo 3.


18:46, 8 March 2008 kalturaHistoryData|236|a:6:{s:7:"version";s:6:"100001";s:4:"name";s:20:"Halo 3: The Covenant";s:11:"description";s:28:"My favorite level in Halo 3.";s:10:"wgUserName";s:12:"Spartan a 30";s:9:"timestamp";i:1205001978;s:21:"articleCurrentVersion";s:6:"357261";}

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